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Miami Wedding at National Hotel - Miami Beach "Mazel Tov!"

I have no words but lots of emotions after my trip to Miami for Ron's and Susana wedding !

When I realized that party is divided into 2 groups - Cuban and Jewish i still didn't understand how lucky I am .. ) Later in the night I got 2 different party styles - Bride's family was dancing salsa ( EVERYONE!!) and Groom's family run into a famous jewish dance ! I was almost dancing with everybody !lol it was such an exciting music and again - Everyone was dancing - I couldn't stop shaking too ! Another words to say about the venue itself - this is the best venue for night pictures and I can not be more thankful that they chose such a beautiful location for their reception at National Hotel.

So, it was time to leave , but how I could skip the Horah dance? Nope .. I decided to stay ( my second shooter had to stay with me and hate me a little bit for that probably )) lol )

It was my first experience with such a hot party night and I was happy to receive positive feedback form the bride lately:


"I have loved looking at the picture you sent to us and the link you shared with us. I sent it to my mom, because she would adore the sneak peek, and I'm sure she has been looking at the photos over and over again ever since I shared the link with her. In a few months, I fear my parent's house will be fully-covered in the photos you took of us (I'm an only child. My parents have no self-control). They love the photos that much, and we love them too. Even though we don't like taking pictures, later on we love seeing them!

Thanks so much for all your help before the wedding and on Saturday. Working with you was absolutely incredible, and I will always say the best things of you and recommend you to anyone and everyone. You are a professional and a very talented photographer. You got my dad to smile for so many photos! I never see him smiling. Our family in Cuba will be thrilled and shocked. Thanks for accommodating our requests and our laziness. We got very lucky we found you, and we are very happy you were there to capture our special day.

Thank you for being such a special part of our wedding, for continually working with us and helping us create an amazing day full of truly unforgettable memories."

Ceremony venue : Miami Beach

Reception venue: National Hotel in Miami

Ceremony guitars: Carlos Abanto

DJ : David Giraldo


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