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First Key West Wedding during pandemic 2020 "Love Conquers ALL, yes even COVID!"

COVID hit the wedding industry hard! Harder than hurricanes. With vendors going out of business, beautiful venues closing for unknown period of time all over the world, countries in the Caribbean prohibiting travel by air and by sea…There is nothing left to do but to cancel your wedding.

Not so much for our first couple who got married as soon as Key West reopened for tourists. Laura and Brian weren’t going to throw up a white flag!

Our stunning couple live in a picturesque town of St. Augustine is a dream destination for many. Yet when you are fortunate to live in one of most beautiful places in Florida you sort of forced to…DREAM BIG! Initially our Mr. and Mrs. considered exotic Antigua sandals Islands or similar tropical destination. You do need a passport to go to the Caribbean’s and COVID decided otherwise. Laura and Brian were facing same challenge as many couples: to cancel, to postpone or to seek an alternative.

Our bride and groom were thrilled to learn that Key West is reopening. Key West is famous for it’s sunsets, Duval promenade and fun, non -boring beach weddings. Did you know that no passport is needed to get married in Key West? Pack your best swimming suit and your wedding dress and head to Key West for the wedding of your dreams!

Laura and Brian enjoyed the warmth of the tropics, the hospitality of Southernmost city and beautiful pristine sand of Key West beach. They entrusted Big Day in Key West with orchestration of their special day, Blah-Blah for wedding & makeup and hair and Julia Roy Photography to capture their special moments

Don’t wait! Live your dream now. Book your last minute wedding. Because LOVE should always WIN! Win over everyday difficulties and over pandemic.

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