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Private wedding photoshoot at the Smathers beach , Key West

What a fun couple got married on Smathers beach in Key West tonight! The bride, as beautiful as sunrise have collected more compliments during her single “pre-wedding” photoshoot than there are seashells on the beach. Couple had planned a big bash in their native Illinois with bunch of friends and family but overwhelmed with preparations decided to escape. Those two eloped in Key West, making the best decision any couple can make-made their special day only about them two! It was an unusually cool evening for July. The sky turned gray and the thunder scared people away from the beach. Our couple, drunk in love made the best out of the situation. Unable to fight the desire they danced to their favorite song with only seagulls and waves admiring them…

Wedding ceremony - Big Day in Key West

Photographer - Julia Roy Photography

Blog by - Forever After

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